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Suchfenster aufklappen quicklinks und universitätsübersichtsseiten öffnen search search website. Yelectronic address: [email protected] generally, the performance of optical clocks bene ts strongly from increasing interrogation time and thus the quality factor ramsey spectroscopy with free evo-lution times up to 15s has been demonstrated in a three-dimensional optical lattice clock [18] ultrastable. Molecular bose-einstein condensates and p-wave feshbach molecules of 6li 2 a thesis submitted for the degree of doctor of philosophy by ju¨rgen fuchs would like to thank andre schirotzek and silke and christian ospelkaus who even kindly let me stay in their apartments.

Silke ospelkaus dissertation joanna october 03, 2016 phd thesis is the world, instant delivery and get started with term paper writing service to afoul dissertation superfluid world, you need to get the most from apa dissertation sur le bon usage d'internet au travail saving tentative thesis sentence compare contrast essay husabo, so that location. Her thesis project involves loading a magnetic trap from buffer gas cooled beams of atoms and molecules and studying cold atom–molecule collisions inside the trap biography john m doyle received a bs degree in electrical engineering from mit in 1986 and a phd in physics in 1991, also from mit, where he worked with tom greytak and dan. ----- \\ arxiv:08050007 from: aram harrow harrow(at)gmailcom date: wed, 30 apr 2008 20:16:20 gmt (57kb) date (revised v2): fri, 2 may 2008 01:31:16 gmt (56kb) title: superpolynomial speedups based on almost any quantum circuit authors: sean hallgren and aram w harrow categories: quant-ph comments: 16 pages, 1 figure, to appear in icalp '08 v2 includes references and acknowledgments. This thesis entitled: ultracold collisions and fundamental physics with strontium written by sebastian blatt has been approved for the department of physics.

The final copy of this thesis has been examined by the signatories, and we find that both the john jost, christian ospelkaus, dietrich leibfried, andrew wilson, scott glancy, adam keith, peter bierhorst, david allcock, joe britton, shaun burd, john bollinger, samuel brewer, brian sawyer, justin bohnet, jwo-sy chen. Quantum computing with trapped ions hartmut h¨affner a,b,c a dept of physics, university of california, berkeley, ca 94720, usa b materials sciences division, lawrence berkeley national laboratory, berkeley, ca. This thesis presents experiments in a system of interacting quantum degenerate fermionic 40k and bosonic 87rb atoms an experimental setup for producing fermi-bose mixtures which has been set up together with s ospelkaus is described in detail. Talks & seminars main content accordion press tab to navigate to entries, then enter to open or collapse content open all close all christian scheller – zumbühl group, university of basel taras patlatiuk – zumbühl group, university of basel qcqt research seminar link.

Life trustees (with date of first election and date of election as life trustee) robert o anderson (1967, 1989) chairman and ceo (retired) atlantic richfield company. Doctoral thesis view item javascript is disabled for your browser some features of this site may not work without it research collection navigational link search bang-bang control of a trapped-ion oscillator examiner: ospelkaus, christian examiner: home, jonathan publisher eth-zürich subject. Joshua zirbel bs physics, university of missouri-rolla, 2001 a thesis submitted to the faculty of the graduate school of the university of colorado in partial fulflllment of the requirements for the degree of ospelkaus joined our lab as a post-doc in early 2007 she immediately injected.

Quantensimulatoren sind quantencomputer für spezielle fragestellungen an der berechnung hochkorrelierter vielteilchensysteme zum beispiel scheitern konventionelle computer. Q 25 fr 11:00 poster hu detektion der quantenentartung in einer mischung aus 87 rb und fermionischem 40 k — •christian ospelkaus, silke ospelkaus-schwarzer, marlon nakat, oliver wille, kai bongs und klaus sengstock — institut f¨ ur laser-physik, universit¨at hamburg, luruper chaussee 149, 22761 hamburg der phasen¨ ubergang zu einem. The techniques of atom cooling combined with atom interferometry make possible the realisation of very sensitive and accurate inertial sensors like gyroscopes or accelerometers besides earth-based developments, the use of these techniques in space should provide extremely high sensitivity for. Bose-einstein condensation in weak and strong disorder potentials mahmoud ghabour1, moritz von hase1, christian krumnow1, and axel pelster2,3 1 institut fu¨r theoretische physik, freie universit¨at berlin, arnimallee 14, 14195 berlin, germany 2 institut fu¨r physik und astronomie, universit¨at potsdam, karl-liebknecht-str 24, 14476 potsdam, germany.

The ion trappers at nist, including christian ospelkaus (now at leibniz universitat hannover) and dietrich leibfried, gave us much helpful advice on¨ the microwave gates. The audit committees regulate the organization of the audits in individual cases they perform the recognition of study and examination performance, the opposition proceedings, requests for exemptions for examination dates and conditions of admission and requests to extend the processing time for doctoral thesis.

This thesis presents mixtures with the so far largest particle numbers for the 40k{87rb system and discusses measurements with high densities where strong mean- eld contracting interaction e ects a ect the behavior of the mixture. Entangled mechanical oscillators by john d jost bs, university of colorado, 2001 a thesis submitted to the acultfy of the graduate school of the university of colorado in partial ful llment wendell osk,ay christian ospelkaus, rainer reichle, till rosenband, signe seidelin. Atomic ions confined in multi-electrode traps have been proposed as a basis for scalable quantum information processing this scheme involves transporting ions between spatially distinct locations by use of time-varying electric potentials combined with laser or microwave pulses for quantum logic in specific locations we report the development of a fast multi-channel arbitrary waveform.

Christian ospelkaus thesis
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