Tax administration in ghana and its problems

Keywords: tax administration, compliance, ghana, nigeria problems faced by nigeria in taxation chigbu and eze (2012) studied the causality between history and assessment of taxes ghana 1 had its first customs law enacted in 1855 this was replaced in 1876 by a uk. This study analyses the relevance and the problems of value added tax (vat) in nigeria three research questions were formulated for the study a survey of vatable nigerian organizations, firs staff and the publics was conducted to gain insights into. The tax system in nigeria is made up of the tax policy, the tax laws and the tax administration all of these are expected to work together in order to achieve the economic goal of the nation. Willingness to pay taxes: notwithstanding the perceived problems in the country’s tax system and administration, ghanaians appear to have accepted with little difficulty the civic responsibility of tax payment to the state. Income taxes domestic income taxes corporate tax: this is the tax paid by companies on their profits in the year the tax rate is 25% personal income tax: self-employed persons are required to.

Ghana corporate - tax administration choose a topic country see full territory list the gra usually gives notice of its intention to perform a tax audit and, after performance, prepares a report on its findings, which is then shared with the taxpayer statute of limitations. The problem of vat administration in ghana is exacerbated by the composition and functions of the value added tax service a review of the functions of the service shows that the service needs more people with managerial skill. 2 the local government reforms of 1988 and 1993 fundamentally changed the structure of ghana's public administration system prior to this the system had been heavily over-centralized in accra this has now been reversed through the decentralization of political and administrative authority to the newly empowered 110 metropolitan/ municipal/district assemblies. A quick guide to taxation in ghana ghanaian has a permanent home in ghana a company is resident for tax purposes if that company: is incorporated under the laws of ghana, or has its management and control exercised in ghana at any time during the year.

That vat is froth with some problems after its adoption into the nigeria tax system, it has become a to establish the effects of value added tax on revenue generation in nigeria this became necessary because sales tax could not guarantee wider and better tax administration, as many states. Tax administration 2017 this is the seventh edition of the oecd tax administration comparative information series it provides internationally comparative data on important aspects of tax systems and their administration for 55 advanced and emerging economies. Chapter iii tax administration 56 chapter iii 311 identify and evaluate the effects of tobacco tax policies when generating higher revenue or reducing tobacco use is the goal, the ad-ministrative agency should aim at increasing taxes on goods that have large sales.

The problem faced by all developing countries -- and this of course includes uganda -- is that developing countries face many generic and specific obstacles in implementing tax systems that can meet their unique needs and that will also finance the necessary level of. Tax administration in nigeria: problems and prospects a case study of benue state board of internal revenue service 1 abstract the pre-occupation and concern of this study is the appraised of problems and prospects of tax administration in nigeria using benue state board of internal revenue as a. It is in light of these issues raised that this research work is set out to assess the problems of tax collection in ghana and how the situation can be improved carpenters reducing the high incidence of tax evasion and using information technology in support of tax administration. The challenges of tax collection in developing economies (with special reference to india) by pramod kumar rai (under the direction of prof walter hellerstein. Systems, processes and challenges of public revenue collection in zimbabwe ghana and uganda to deal with high level individual and institutional payers (ibid) 20 tax revenue collection and administration in zimbabwe 21 governing frameworks.

On filing of tax returns, under section 72 the ghana internal revenue act 2000 (act 592), an eligible ghanaian must file a return within 4 months of end of the tax year. Uganda revenue authority (ura) has greatly improved the tax administration but there is still a lot to be done for ura to collect taxes from all income earners there are a number of income earners especially in agriculture sector who are not taxed. Tax challenges, for both administration and policy, but with some emphasis on the latter, are addressed in the contexts of restoring fiscal sustainability, developing countries, the extractive industries (eis) and avoidance by multinational enterprises—including transfer pricing and other. These findings and recommendations, in view of the researcher, will help improve income tax administration in ghana, if implemented by the government of ghana, and other tax authorities such as the internal revenue service of ghana. 3 in 1985, ghana established the first revenue authority in africa, but each major tax (for instance, income tax and customs duties) was collected by its own agency (terpker 1999) 4 still, in ura’s corporate plan for 2002/03 -2006/07, th e target is to achieve a tax -to-gdp ratio of 17 per cent.

tax administration in ghana and its problems Under current nigerian law, taxation is enforced by the 3 tiers of government, ie federal, state, and local governments, with each having its sphere clearly spelt out in the taxes and levies.

Problems of value added tax administration in nigeria most people will agree that the value added tax system in nigeria tends to have more of the sales tax feature than actual vat feature. The republic of ghana is named after the medieval west african ghana empire the empire became known in europe and arabia as the ghana empire after the title of its emperor, the ghana the empire appears to have broken up following the 1076 conquest by the almoravid general abu-bakr ibn-umaran elevated kingdom continued to exist after almoravid rule ended, and the kingdom was later. The ghana revenue authority (domestic tax revenue division) is charged with that utmost responsibility of levying and collecting taxes on the incomes of individuals such as the employed and self-employed, (income tax), corporate bodies (corporation tax), capital gains (capital gains tax) and others.

  • In nigeria, direct taxes consists of personal income tax, company income tax, petroleum profit, capital gains tax and capital transfer tax the administration of the income tax laws in each of the federation is vested in the state board of interval revenue services.
  • “implementation of value added tax and its related problems in ethiopia” (the case of erca) topic titled “implementation of value added tax and its related problems in ethiopia” (the case of erca), under my supervision 2003 primarily to raise more revenue, modernizing its tax administration and encourage investment and trades.
  • Pursuant to a congressional request, gao evaluated the internal revenue service's (irs) problem resolution program (prp), focusing on: (1) its work load and effectiveness (2) the impact of computer systems and (3) implementation of prior gao recommendations.

Abstract tax is the main source of government revenue not only for developed countries but also for developing countries like tanzania due to importance of tax revenue and given that most public social services are funded by tax revenue, this study is bestowed on effective tax administration as an engine of tax collections. Ghana sits on the atlantic ocean and borders togo, cote d'ivoire, and burkina faso it has a population of about 296 million (2018) in the past two decades, it has taken major strides toward democracy under a multi-party system, with its independent judiciary winning public trust.

tax administration in ghana and its problems Under current nigerian law, taxation is enforced by the 3 tiers of government, ie federal, state, and local governments, with each having its sphere clearly spelt out in the taxes and levies. tax administration in ghana and its problems Under current nigerian law, taxation is enforced by the 3 tiers of government, ie federal, state, and local governments, with each having its sphere clearly spelt out in the taxes and levies.
Tax administration in ghana and its problems
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